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Redefine Your Success

Informative Interview


David Preston began his consulting journey by teaching small business workshops for the US Small Business Administration. David's groundbreaking bestseller, "Offline Goldmine" became the standard reference for internet marketers transitioning into local business consulting.

David is a top producer on the speaking circuit and a world-renowned business coach whose strategies and implementation methods have earned him the title of "The Legendary Consultant." If you look up the search term "Legendary Consultant David Preston," you will see over one million results from happy clients and marketers. 

He has helped thousands of marketers, business owners, and corporations achieve maximum ROI and success. 
Will you be the next success story?


Straight from the Source

David Preston Consulting has been privileged to work with top-level decision-makers, entrepreneurs,

and visionaries from a wide range of industries. Take a look below to see clients and their feedback.

Tineshia Toole.jpg

I help business owners increase revenue by up to 380% by marketing their reputation while lowering marketing costs and distinguishing them from competitors.
David Preston is simply the best. When I needed help with regards to consulting, he was there. I have learned so much from David. He is the real deal. He is truly the Godfather of consulting.

Simply the BEST. 

Tineshia Toole

Professional Products and Systems

Jim Johnston.jpg

David is hands down "The Legendary Consultant." His products and solutions are simple and straightforward, and he delivers massive results. 
In a word, he's brilliant!

Jim Johnston - Principle Beechwood Business Solutions

Lasting Impact

Rich business.png

 David is not just a mentor, he's also a great friend. Whatever you are going through, David is going through with you. Partnering with him has turned out to be a life-changing decision for me. I honestly can't describe the impact he's had on my life as well as our future business.  His products are simple, smart, and very effective.
Do you need this guy? You absolutely do.
Richard Fisher

Creative Synergy


Increase your impact & income with technology & Artificial Intelligence (AI) |  | Business Growth Strategist & Marketing Coach | Livestream Host | Certified Virtual Speaker
David Preston is one of the most brilliant minds in business marketing today. He understands the issues facing business owners and he is an expert at creating simple, effective, results-focused solutions - solutions that other people just don't see. 
If you need to increase sales in your business, you need David Preston.

Gina Carr MBA


214 Lodgepole Rd, Ladson, SC 29456, USA


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